Real Estate Counseling and Economic Analysis

The challenges presented by the volatile conditions in the economy and in the real estate marketplace mean that more attention than ever must be focused on understanding the complexities of market forces. For the client, the goal is strategic decision-making: how to achieve a good fit between a specific property or project and its context.

Clarion Associates takes pride in our ability to discern market nuances and identify market segments--to conduct qualitative as well as quantitative research. When the assignment calls for survey or focus group research, we have the experience to apply these techniques and to sensitively and intelligently interpret the results.

Clarion Associates, Inc. integrates a unique combination of skills to develop creative solutions to difficult real estate questions. Working together with the client, we define the problem and conduct an inquiry that results in artful insight and sound, market-based solutions.


  • Feasibility Analysis for New Development
  • Adaptive Reuse Analysis
  • Fiscal Impact Studies
  • In-depth Market Analysis
  • Highest & Best Use Analysis