Land Use, Planning and Zoning Consulting

Clarion Associates has worked side by side with a wide range of clients from local representatives of unique historic communities to some of the country’s largest residential subdivision developers in order to evaluate solutions and determine the feasibility of all types of comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances. Our clients look to us for guidance as they attempt to address the impact on property value and marketability the plan or ordinance may have on the real estate involved.

Clarion Associates has the capabilities and experience needed to analyze vast amounts of market data and actual sales transactions in order help our clients draw parallels and adjust for differences to reflect their unique situation. Market analysis is used by local governments to support zoning and land use policies that will be both consistent with the public vision and implementable in the prevailing real estate marketplace. This exercise allows us to anticipate future growth and activity and provide data supported advice our clients can feel comfortable relying upon.

Types of Assignments and Services

  • Zoning Ordinances and Development Codes
  • Impact Fees
  • Sensitive Area Plans and Ordinances
  • Historic Preservation Plans
  • Preservation Ordinances