Illinois Class Action Litigation 2007

Air Contamination, Bridgeport & Petrolia, IL

Real Property Impairment

Clarion Associates was retained to analyze a proposed class area as well as potential real property impairment due to alleged air contamination from an oil production facility located in Lawrence County, Illinois.

Approximately 267 oil wells and four gathering facilities were located within the proposed class boundaries.

Scope of Services Provided

  • Analyzed, from a real estate market perspective, the proposed class area’s location and its proximity to the defendants’ oil production wells;
  • Evaluated whether or not the named plaintiff properties were representative of the more than 1,000 residential, multi-family, industrial, commercial, agricultural, and other types of properties in an area of approximately 2,720 acres;
  • Analyzed whether or not there was a uniform and consistent method to measure any impairment to real property resulting from alleged presence of hydrogen sulfide in the air within the proposed class area.

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