National Homebuilder Bankruptcy Litigation 2009

Real Estate Asset Portfolio Valuation 10 States

HomeBuilder Property Inventory Valuation

Clarion Associates provided litigation consulting and valuation services as part of a bankruptcy-related proceeding involving TOUSA, one of the largest homebuilders in the U.S. The entire inventory of vacant land, finished lots, homes under construction, and completed homes comprised over 27,000 homes, homesites or potential homesites in 29 market divisions spread across the states of Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Scope of Services Provided

  • Clarion Associates undertook an intensive investigation of available documents and internal accounting records to determine the components of the real estate assets;
  • Clarion staff inspected the subdivisions included in the residential property inventory and completed a thorough market study for each residential submarket;
  • We applied elements of the sales comparison, cost, and subdivision analysis approaches to value to determine the market value of the individual real estate asset components.

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